A funeral is an emotional and sensitive event because it is when family and friends take a special moment to grieve the loss of their loved one. In order to make the funeral as solemn and as organized as it should be, you should know, follow, and remember the listed useful funeral etiquette below.

1) Wear smart and according to the theme

Typically, you should wear a smart and conservative attire such as suits, collared shirts, black tie, dresses, and formal shoes when attending a funeral. Just make sure that you are also comfortable in what you are wearing. In terms of color theme, the usual color worn in a funeral is black because it is associated with mourning. However, depending on the organizer, the attendees can be asked to wear a lighter color like white as it symbolizes life and peace.

2) Sit according to the proper arrangement

If you are a member of the immediate family who organized the funeral, then you should sit at the front or second row of the pews. If you are a family friend, colleague, or acquaintance, then you should sit at the middle part of the pews. Attendees should fill in all the vacant seats and not crowd at the back in order to not make the family feel isolated.

3) Bring the essentials

If you are the organizer, do not forget to bring the guest record book. If you are one of the visitors or attendees, you may bring flowers, donation, tissue paper, sympathy card or message, umbrella, sunglasses, etc. All of these essentials will make you feel more comfortable and present during the funeral.And mẫu lăng mộ also heal the sadness

4) Greet people courteously

When you go to a funeral, you should greet the people courteously and calmly so as not to make any unnecessary noise. The family organizing the funeral should be prepared to respond to the condolences offered by the attendees. Moreover, the attendees should understand if the family of the person who died will not be able to entertain everyone, have a lengthy conversation, or act normally as they are grieving. A simple hello and condolence will be enough to let the family know that you’re there to support them during this difficult time.

5) Handle awkward situations with grace

If there will be a situation during the funeral where it will be awkward or inappropriate for you and the attendees as well, the best way to handle it is to communicate properly with respect and resolve the issue with grace. Even if someone or something offends you, always think that the funeral should be a respectful service in honor of the person who died.

6) Say your condolences sincerely

If you are at a loss for words and cannot seem to choose the proper words to say, here are some expressions of condolences that you could use:

  • He/she is a wonderful person and he/she will be greatly missed
  • I am really sorry for your loss
  • My family and I are one with you in prayer
  • If you need anything, I am here for you
  • He/she is in a better place now

It does not have to be a long message of condolence. What’s more important is your sincerity and your sympathy towards the family.

7) Children should be advised to keep calm and quiet

A funeral is not a place for children to play and shout around. Parents or families who will be attending the funeral with children should advise the children to act courteously and respectfully during the entire time at the funeral. Parents and guardians should keep an eye on their children in order to maintain the solemnity of the funeral.

8) Properly say goodbye after attending the funeral

Once the funeral service ends, the minister or priest will leave and everyone can pay their final respects. You have to make sure that you will properly say goodbye to the family who organized the funeral before you leave.

9) Write your thank you notes

After the funeral, the organizing family should write thank you notes and send them to the funeral officiant, the people who delivered readings and eulogies, the people who served as ushers and pallbearers, and any attendee/s who participated in the service in any way. Thank you notes should also be sent to people who donated or gave some kind of support during the funeral.
Source & Translated : https://cphaco.vn