As an artist, you have to express your whole belief in life and your relationship with people. Not only as a painter, but as a person, if you are true to yourself, the things you stand for will come forth in everything you do.

Joe Catalano

      Original Painting

The Original Painting and the Painter

Colours of Freedom, a painting by artist Joe Catalano, is the inspiration behind a movement for peace - for humanity and our natural world.

In response to 9/11, Joe offered his Colours of Freedom painting and a collection of his work to be the foundation for a book that would raise funds for children's peace initiatives.

Since then, his painting has stood for and symbolized the Art of Helping Children. This is the fundamental raison d'etre for the Colours of Freedom Foundation, and the inspiration for our Colours of Freedom Portfolio Project.

Joe is a Canadian. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and has earned his living as president and founding partner of Concept 3 Advertising Agency in Toronto.

Always "other-directed", Joe, through his work, has eagerly and creatively supported causes that benefit those who are less fortunate.

His belief in children is boundless. To that end, he has put his works of art, to work for peace, in projects that begin with children.

Each person who acquires a Portfolio will receive a signed, archival print of
Joe Catalano's "Colours of Freedom".

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