You know what people from other countries who settled here did wrong? They brought us their gifts, but didn't accept ours. You can't have a proper relationship if you don't receive each other`s gifts.

Steede, from Africa

      Peace through Education

Vision of Peace through Education

To be sustainable, our world needs more than academic learning. We need a curriculum that allows us to share and receive each other's gifts, and one that teaches us how to be at peace with one another, and, how to live sustainably.

Our commitment at Colours of Freedom Foundation is to develop and freely share a curriculum that is universal, and one which reinforces within each culture, the strengths of each culture. This will help make children able to go forward into the world, confident in the strength and gifts of their own culture, and able to apply aspects and strategies of their culture to all situations. In doing so, they will be able to find higher perspective, multi-cultural solutions to every challenge.

Funds raised from our Portfolio Project will aid in this endeavour.

A synergy and energy for this vision is created by the combined scope and capabilities of the outstanding organizations such as: Free the Children, Round Square, Classroom Connections, Prime Mentors, and World Council.

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